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On this web homepage, most links are found in the javascript toolbar near the top, which shows the available links by rolling over menu items with the mouse. Most of these links open in a new browser window, so the homepage will not be lost. For some, this home page might best be viewed at larger than 100% viewing size (zoom) on the browser. is also a great startpage for mobile phones. In the mobile view, look on the topics pages for more links. You are just a click away from your desired destination using the mobile homepage. When traveling or working on someone else's computer, consider QiiHome as your "home away from home" startpage with a handy set of useful links.

This useful internet homepage tends to favor sites that offer something unique and are easy-to-read and do not slow up the browsing experience with the loading of excessive ads from 3rd party sources. Also, this start page continues to list authoritative sites established before the growth of social networking and Web 2.0 bias. While some might think that the usefulness of web homepages waned after customizable search engine portal pages evolved, we do not think that those options always provide the best homepage experience for everyone. We hope you find these pages by Qii to be a fast and useful information portal - Add it to your Favorites! - and web home page.


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домашняя страница - Главная страница - Начална страница
домашня сторінка - хатняя старонка - Хомепаге - mājas lapa - kotisivu
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