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About Us

This internet home page was initially assembled in 2012 after experiencing dissatisfaction with other web home pages, some of which were too distracting with either ads or excessive graphics or a cluttered "overstuffed" appearance, and some of which did not supply enough handy links with minimal clicks.

The main page intentionally does not use provocative, distracting graphics, because we are interested in having a starting point for constructive work. The emphasis is on a clean, useful presentation that facilitates rational thought rather than impulsivity, reactivity, and sensory overstimulation.

I have placed many links in a javascript infobar at the top, which reveals linkout options with only a rollover. Most of the links open in a new window, so you do not lose the homepage. The page is mostly straightforward HTML (a few javascripts) and loads quickly. The search box on the home page is a regular Google search that opens in a new window; it is not a customized or "CSE" search box. The site is hosted on a HostGator server in the USA.

At present I plan to keep the main or home page free of ads, but on other pages or subpages I may place affiliate links or advertisements (see the "Disclosure" link at the bottom of the page if such things interest you).

We welcome feedback and suggestions which you can relay to us via email  .

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