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Marilyn McCoo songs  Beautiful performances, mostly live, by Marilyn McCoo:
     (never any Auto-Tune)

One Less Bell to Answer
[Lip synched here (it seems), but a period piece video]

- Puppet Man -
[fun clip of 5th Dimension on "It Takes a Thief" TV show]

Never My Love
[Live recording, with the 5th Dimension]

For Your Eyes Only
[Live, on Solid Gold]

Wedding Bell Blues 
[Live, on Solid Gold]

Endless Love
[Live Duet with Andy Gibb, on Solid Gold]

Medley of Paul Williams' songs
[Live Duet with Paul Williams, on Solid Gold]

Always on My Mind
[from her "Solid Gold" album]

I Dreamed a Dream (Les Misérables)
[Live performance, PBS Concert; PBS' SRO series] 



Maynard Ferguson audio clips  Classic YouTube clips of Maynard Ferguson:

Somewhere (West Side Story)
Live (c. 1968):

Maria (West Side Story)
Live (Prague, c. 1968):

Maria (West Side Story)
Vinyl (1962):

Somewhere Over the Rainbow

Gospel John (Live 1970s)

Danny Boy

"Great Guns" Live 1959
with the Canadian All-Star Band


Don't Let the Sun Go Down on Me
Eric Miyashiro with the LA Jazz Institute







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