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Top 20 Non-US News Sites
(International News Sites, in English)


BBC News

Telegraph - UK

Daily Mail - UK

Guardian News - UK

The Sun - UK

Sky News - UK

Sky News - Australia

ABC - Australia News

New Zealand Herald

News 24 - South Africa

Rio Times - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Kyodo News - Japan

ITAR-TASS ["Russia Times"]

Russian News - Pravda

Times of India

Press Trust - India

Indo-Asian News

SCMP - Hong Kong

Xinhua News - China


This list of international news sites is in no particular order, and the process for choosing candidates for inclusion above was conditioned by a variety of factors.

Other interesting non-US news sites (in English):

The Times of London

Swiss News

Buenos Aires Herald


El Pais


Olive Press

Euro Weekly News








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